A Cheat's Guide To Wellness

Be A Rebel

Be A Rebel

Small acts of rebellion can be the cheering you need to be disciplined about the big stuff. Self control is as much about what you trust yourself to do as what you don’t do. It helps reinforce your sense of self, which is vital for you to realise your full potential. Something that is rigid tends to be brittle, whereas elasticity tolerates the stresses of life with plenty of room for expansion!

Often we motivate ourselves to do things by dangling a reward at the end of the task. Well, you are not a donkey going after a carrot. How about we do something nice and a bit naughty right from the start, so that we enter into our duties in a good mood and therefore more efficient and productive? 

Add a spoonful of sugar to your tea so you don’t crave that cupcake later, stay longer in the bath so you sleep better and perform better the next day. Simple things. Negating self care is false economy. We’re munching these gooey *triple* chocolate cookies, #QueenofRoses likes to bake and have a picnic on the office floor 💕

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