A Cheat's Guide To Wellness

Survey Your Sensuous Landscape

Survey Your Sensuous Landscape

We naturally expect our lovers to know us intimately, yet most of us are strangers in our own bodies. Are you aware of the shape of your wrist or the width of your collar? 

Tonight, with the creamy sweet scent of Orange Patisserie Warming Body Polish, I invite you to trace the contour of your sensuous landscape. 

Stand under the shower for a minute, hold an intention to allow the warm water to wash away the day, relaxing your shoulders and torso as you do, perhaps let out a few deep sighs. The rising steam now envelopes you in a watery sanctuary in which to perform your Self Care Ritual.

Scoop a generous handful of body polish in your hand. Begin with your hard working arms, so often exposed to the elements and neglected. 

Gently massage the polish into your skin in small circular motion, avoiding broken skin. 

Notice the subtle rise and fall of your divine form, soft here, firm there. 

Travel to your chest - being extra tender around the breast area - notice the curves of your waist, rounding to your navel, the seat of your sacred flame.

Massage as much of your back as you can reach, can you locate the two dimples at the base of your spine? 

Polish the plush spheres of your behind like antique marble. 

Follow the easy slopes to scale the strong thighs that hold you against gravity. 

Notice the back of your calves turning effortlessly to your ankles, running from heels to toes. 

10 minutes is all your heart asks to kiss every inch of your skin and render you silken smooth. Would you deny your lover this small pleasure of your warm body?

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