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The Kaleidoscope Of Busyness

The Kaleidoscope Of Busyness

Hello Beloved,

In our busyness we often enter into tunnel vision, dazzled by the kaleidoscope of life’s various happenings. We become less aware of our surroundings, we forget to maintain connection with those around us. 

This certainly rings true to us, such is the nature of our little kingdom of rainbows & whirlwinds. We woke up this morning and decided to do better. After all, we dreamt Lola's Apothecary into being to spread love and light - and love is very much in the incessant, small gestures that flow from a river to become an ocean.

With this intention, we feel - rather than (over)think - ourselves and the Apothecary into new being. We intend to reach out to you more often and connect with you more intimately - let's fill this ocean with fragrant rituals and loving support!

So how are you this sunny Wednesday? We hope you find a moment to smile at someone, hug your child (fluffy ones count too), and feel the warmth that your very own heart generates. You are in our thoughts, and you matter.

Pictured is Delicate Romance Balancing Body Soufflé. Its whipped velvety texture feels like a hug when smoothed onto the skin. May you feel this loving softness today.

From Devon With Love,

Lola & Dominic xo

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