Adaptogen Rich Teas

We challenged ourselves to create wellness teas that not only taste delicious, but also smell happy and look pretty. Because why can't living well be a pleasure? None of the twig taste often associated with herbal tea here, our unique blends are naturally flavoured with aromatic spices, fruits and flowers, with a generous sprinkle of colourful petals and fruit pieces for a visual feast. Each biodegradable pyramid teabag is supercharged with adaptogenic herbs alongside other gentle, healing herbs - to support your body, mind & spirit through the vivid dance of life. We love to serve these teas with our very own Raw Devon Summer Honey, collected by well cared for bees on pristine Dartmoor. 100% natural and vegan friendly.
Rainbows & Whirlwinds Energising Tea Quick shop
Clementine Calamity Relaxing Tea Quick shop
Romanced by The Queen Quick shop
Bath & Shower Oil Wellness Trio Quick shop
Golden Decadence Collection Quick shop
Relaxing Cocoon Collection Quick shop
Body & Massage Oil Wellness Trio Quick shop
Herbaceous Breeze Collection Quick shop
A Fragrant Winter's Journey Quick shop
A Candle-lit Retreat Quick shop