Our Philosophy


Natural Ingredients

Our couture products are effective yet gentle, inspired by aromatherapy & artfully created using only the very finest essential oils & natural materials. Impassioned by nature, powered by the earth, we take immense pride in ethically sourcing sustainable natural miracles to offer holistic deep healing & radiance. With kindness to nature at the heart of our mission, our green credentials & accolades make us a proud member of the Positive Luxury community. We offer a gift of naturally fragranced wonders to focus the mind and ignite your calm.

A Retreat from the Vivid Dance of Life

At the heart of Lola’s Apothecary is a vision of beauty & grace, curating bespoke wellness rituals. Our wish is for one to be cocooned in our safe haven, as we invite spa clients to experience a momentary retreat from the vivid dance of life. Through the therapist’s skilled touch and our decadent skin-treats, we both bless clients with gorgeous skin, & transcend into a welcome part of one’s self care ritual. We strive to inspire your decadent spa at home.

Lingering Moments of Luxury

Join us to luxuriate & celebrate the joy of fragrance! We believe wellbeing can be enhanced by moments of sensory indulgence through the power of scent. Our beautifully curated products marry fine fragrance with effective natural skincare, to bring the sophistication & decadence of luxury cosmetics back into the realm of natural beauty. With our Transformative Spa Brand, we will inspire you to fall in love with yourself all over again, through fragrant lingering moments of luxury.