Our Philosophy

We believe wellness springs from a well of self-love, and living kindly includes being kind to yourself. To love yourself is a life-long romance, an incessant work in progress that deepens with routine self care. We hope that our fragrant things will inspire you to fall in love with yourself by establishing touch with your skin. At the heart of Lola’s Apothecary is a belief in wellness and a holistic approach to life. Our dream is that our lovingly handmade products will become a blissful part of your daily self-care ritual, that they will not only bless you with gorgeous skin, but also provide you with a momentary retreat from the vivid dance of life.

Lola’s Apothecary is committed to:-

Product Quality – We only test new products on ourselves, and we always rigorously test our products to ensure that they meet with our high standards for quality and loveliness.

Blissful Customer Experience – We think of each customer, supplier and partner as a valued friend. We seek to deliver the highest standards of service excellence throughout every interaction to deliver complete customer happiness.

Bespoke Capabilities – We pride ourselves in being small and nimble enough to offer bespoke capabilities to our partners.

Ethical Trading – We always get to know our suppliers from around the world, and we only use ingredients when we can be sure that Fair Trading principles are being adhered to throughout the supply chain.

Transformative Spa Brand – We set out to make a large difference by combining each and every small element of the Lola’s Apothecary Spa experience into a holistic intention for healing and wellness.

Green Credentials – We are working to minimise waste in any form throughout our supply chain. We prefer to use biodegradable packaging material to reduce our environmental impact. We use recyclable glass containers for our products wherever possible, and we will continue to minimise plastic consumption as part of our passionate commitment to environmentally sustainable manufacturing.

We're extremely proud to be a member of Positive Luxury community: