All of our wonderful products are completely natural. We only use preservatives where absolutely necessary, & only natural or food safe varieties.


Our luxury natural beauty, spa & wellness wonders are all handmade by inspired artisans on our picturesque family estate in the midst of the beautiful English Countryside of Devon.


We use only naturally derived ingredients, & the majority of our products are suitable for both vegetarians & vegans. However, please be aware that our Queen of Roses Bath Milk contains buttermilk. 


Despite media promotion, Organic does not always mean the best, and getting certified can be a very expensive process for farmers. We prefer to source quality ingredients from responsible producers who care for not only the produce, but also people and the environment. Most of our ingredients are pretty much organic by definition even if they are not certified.


We formulate our products to be gentle yet effective, with sensitive skin in mind. However, it is always a good idea to test any new product on a small patch of skin before using it liberally. If any undesirable effect occurs, stop using immediately & consult a medical professional.


Essential oils are potent things & our products contain lots of them. There is much debate about the safety of using essential oils during pregnancy. We are no authority on the matter, but as a rule of thumb, it is best to avoid essential oils during the 1st trimester. Our products are formulated to be safe & embracing; so far we've been delighted to hear from happy pregnant customers & no one reported any reaction. However, we strongly recommend any expectant mother to consult their midwife before using products that contain essential oils, including ours.


Our glass bottles & jars are widely recyclable, but why not reuse these pretty things at home? They make sweet vases, oil bottles, spice jars, & more!