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Aromatherapy Shower

Aromatherapy Shower

No time to bathe or don't have a bath tub? Our legendary Bath & Shower Oils will transform your shower into a fragrant spa experience. Simply apply a few drops on your décolletage (or manly chest) before entering the shower. The water will release the essential oils, wreathing your senses in a heavenly cloud of aromatherapy treatment. The rich plant oils will also leave your skin moisturised.

Extraordinarily concentrated, with pure essential oils in a nourishing plant oil base, featuring beta-carotene and vitamin E; Lola's Apothecary Bath & Shower Oils come in a range of pure essential oil fragrances for different moods. For morning showers, try Breath of Clarity as a ‘wake-me-up’, or Delicate Romance to feel gorgeous and ready to receive the day with optimism. In the evening, try Sweet Lullaby if you desire a comfort blanket feeling, or Tranquil Isle if you are unwinding into your inner sacred space of deep oceanic calm.



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Jul 31, 2019

Last few days ago I used it, it’s really great!!!
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