A Cheat's Guide To Wellness

Mini Wellness Tips, from Devon with Love

Mini Wellness Tips, from Devon with Love

Aromatherapy Shower: You’ll simply need a teaspoon
of your favourite Bath & Shower Oil in a small bowl to take into your shower; place it directly under the hot water stream to release the fragrance. Try splashing onto your skin under the water stream for a naturally fragrant shower experience.

Sweet Lullaby Hug in a Mug: Sweet Lullaby is our hug in a
bottle fragrance. If you’re having a mopey day in pyjamas, or feeling a bit blue, just use a few drops of Sweet Lullaby in hot water for a soothing inhalation. Ylang Ylang & Lavender combine to relieve stress, whilst Vanilla naturally comforts busy minds.

Breath of Clarity Meditation: Breath of Clarity is our
‘zen-tering’ fragrance, with eucalyptus & peppermint to aid mental focus. Try lighting a Breath of Clarity candle when you meditate or practise yoga, or rub a few drops of our Body & Massage Oil around your chest & neck, allowing the fragrance to uplift you as it unfolds.

Essential Oil Roll-on Pressure Points: Keep your
favourite Essential Oil fragrance with you at all times by carrying a Body & Massage Oil Roll-on. Anoint your wrists & neck, then breathe deeply whenever you need a moment to relax.

Tea Break Mindfulness: On your next tea break, allow
yourself an extra 30 seconds of quiet time. Give your mug a gentle stir or swirl, then centre your attention on the liquid. Breathe deeply as you relax, let yourself be absorbed by the colourful currents in your mug.

Bathing with Purpose: The next time you have a space
in your day for a bath, try bathing with mindful purpose. Use candles & music to set the mood, fill the tub with your favourite Bath Oil or Bath Milk, slide into the steaming fragrant waters & breathe deeply. Allow yourself time to lay back & relax with mindful purpose.

Candlelight Sanctuary: Take refuge in watching a
flickering candle flame charm the room & help channel your positive thoughts within its warm glow. Delight in essential oil bliss for a beautiful synergy with your mood.

Massage Ritual: Once in a while, make time for
the art of massage. Indulge a full body massage from top to toe or simply allow yourself to notice the power of touch when you remove your makeup, rinse your scalp or moisturise your tired hands.

Closing your eyes for peace: If you’re having a stressful
day, whatever the circumstances, take yourself to a quiet place & close your eyes. Focus on your breath, & breathe deeply but calmly for 10 breaths, bringing yourself gently back to your centre. If you have one of our fragrances to hand, breathe it in to support this calming practise.

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