A Cheat's Guide To Wellness

Breath Of Clarity

Breath Of Clarity

Find a moment in your day to breathe in a Breath of Clarity. Meditation needn't be lengthy or formal, just a few minutes of mindfulness is enough to bring you back to centre.

Retreat to a quiet space where you feel safe and won't be distracted. You may wish to play some soothing music (there are loads of great playlists out there) and even light a candle if you're in the mood - it's all about honouring yourself, the way you may fuss over a beloved child. Sit or lie down in whatever position that feels easy on your body in the moment. If you're prone to the chills, wrap up in a blanket for extra cosiness.

Forget about what you think meditation is supposed to look like - those fancy yogi poses are cool but are entirely optional! Simply close your eyes and allow your body to naturally adjust to a breathing rhythm that is most comfortable to you. Enjoy a few breaths, that's all it takes.

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